Matt's Racing Updates

  • She lives!!! First of all, I would like to thank my father-in-law, Marty Dougherty, for all his help and guidance.  Without his mentoring I wouldn't have gained the success I've had so far.  When I need a part made or machined, he always comes through with a quality product.  And I respect and appreciate the fact that he offers guidance while still letting me bloody my own knuckles.  "How else you gonna learn?"  Thank you Marty.And now for the final product for the 2010 campaign....Now I'm just waiting for the new tire from Jordan's hook-up.
    Posted Apr 5, 2010, 4:19 PM by Matt Wybiral
  • A view inside an engine cylinder... while it's running
    Posted Mar 30, 2010, 6:15 PM by Matt Wybiral
  • Oil Cooler Bypass Thankfully my father-in-law is a machinist.  Had to have some minor mods done to the oil pan to get this oil cooler bypass piece to fit.Now waiting for the last remaining parts from for clutch install.
    Posted Mar 28, 2010, 4:45 AM by Matt Wybiral
  • New Exhaust I can only imagine how this is going to sound....
    Posted Mar 27, 2010, 8:58 AM by Matt Wybiral
  • Stuff left to do: Working hard to get this done.New clutch, oil cooler bypass, put the carbs back on.... and basically put everything back together.
    Posted Mar 27, 2010, 8:46 AM by Matt Wybiral
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Jordan's Racing Updates

  • Special Thanks to: Want to say thanks to the following companies for there continuous support:Brock's Performance - Parts for the fastest streetbikes in the world - front end lowering kits, exhaust, wheels they carry it all at and find them on FacebookM&M Leather Goods - Located near the Walmart in Greensburg, PA. Great deals on all types of parts, tires and apparel. Check them out at or call724-837-4136!Soupy's Performance - Specializing in Fully Adjustable Lowering Solutions for Sportbikes. Great lowering links and kick stands! Check them out at www.soupysperformance.comJW Kustomz - Contact Jason for all your decal and numbering needs! Z&M Cycle Sales - Great Service Department and OEM parts! Thanks ...
    Posted Apr 7, 2010, 6:22 AM by Jordan Haase
  • Upgrades to come: Hotbodies Smoke Flushmount SignalsMyrtle West Swingarm Extensions BMC Race Filter Hotbodies Smoke Windscreen Two Brothers Carbon Fiber Slip On Arrow Race Header Renthal Dual Compound Grips Vortex -1 Front SprocketVortex +2 Rear Sprocket Shinko 003 Stealth Rear Tire Dynojet PowerCommander V Dynojet IRC-2 LED Fender Eliminator Tripage LED Integrated Taillight Soupy's Performance Fully Adjustable Lowering Link Soupy's Performance Fully Adjustable Lowering Kickstand ASV Shorty Levers Honda Racing Seat Cowl Brock's Performance Front End Strap MPS Air Shifter Kit MSD Programmable Digital Shift LightWill add pictures as I go through the installs!
    Posted Apr 7, 2010, 6:24 AM by Jordan Haase
  • Jordan's New Bike Picked up the new bike... 2009 Honda CBR 600 RR. Can't wait to take it down the track! Thanks to Jim McMahan and Z&M Cycle Sales in Greensburg!
    Posted Mar 30, 2010, 11:33 AM by Jordan Haase
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**NEW** Seeking Sponsorship for 2012

Jordan and Matt are seeking sponsorship opportunities for the 2012 Racing Season. If you would like to be part of our winning team please contact us via email. Thanks!
Jordan Haase -
Matt Wybiral -

**NEW** Matt Back On Bike
It took almost all of the 2011 racing season, but Matt was finally able to get back on the bike! He made the most of the test and tune running three personal best passes on the Bandit running 10.38 with a headwind. Looks like Matt got right back into the groove!

**NEW** Racing Updates

It's been a long time since we have updated the site, so I will try to recap what has happened since the last time.
Updates to Matt and Jordan's Racer Updates will be coming as well!

**NEW** 2011 Racing Season Updates
2011 Racing Season Updates will be coming soon...

Jordan will be racing at the 38th Annual K&N Halloween Classic at Summit Motorsports Park October 26th through October 30th!  Updates will follow!

**NEW** 2010 Racing Season Updates

2010 was an up and down year for both Matt and Jordan with both riders running new combinations.
Matt decided to sit out the points series and focus a little more on the family with Connor's arrival.
With a lot of hard work and determination, his new setup for the Bandit produced some great numbers. The new pipe provided a little more power all the way down the track and Matt bested his times almost each outing. After a solid pass down track, the bandit actually snapped the rear brake rod and locked up the rear tire giving Matt a little hairy ride on top end. After the bike was towed back to the trailer, the error was identified and it was decided to send out the Swingarm to Thompson's Custom Cycle in South Carolina. That meant the Bandit would be out of commission for about 4-6 weeks. With the new Swingarm on order Matt decided to make the wheelbase a little longer and also add the Nitrous Bottle mount (we will have to wait to see that combination for a little while). After waiting a little longer than he hoped, Matt got the Swingarm back on and was back out lowering his personal bests. Despite not joining points, Matt had some great weekends going deep into eliminations making us all question why he didn't just join to accumulate points when he was able to make it.

For Jordan the 2010 campaign meant the chance to ride the new CBR. Work on the CBR included extending and lowering the bike, exhaust and intake upgrades, Shinko Stealth R003 Rear tire, air shifter installation and a few other cosmetic and performance upgrades. Until the CBR was finished Jordan decided to run the GPz to keep himself in the points chase. On the first points day of the year, Jordan made it to the second Semi Final in the only 2 races (The first semi was not a points day). The next week out the GPz was having some issues with the carbs and chain so some adjustments were made. While idling in the pits the GPz fell of the kickstand and slammed of the ground breaking the petcock clean of the fuel tank. With no way to fix the tank, Jordan unloaded the VStar for eliminations.  Jordan ran the VStar for the first couple of weeks with decent results netting him some round wins and a decent position in the points series. Once the GPz petcock and Fuel Tank were fixed Jordan brought the bike back out for the eliminations. On the first pass back out with the GPz the bike was putting fuel into the crankcase, which was not noticed. Jordan proceeded with the burnout and rolled up to the line. With the tree coming down, Starter Keith Bowman noticed oil dumping out of the crankcase vent and onto the track. He tried to grab Jordan to stop him from going down, but was too late as the third bulb was on and Jordan was off with a 0.003 light with Keith grabbing his shoulder. As Jordan went down track the bike didn't seem right but still went through at 102 mph. In the shut down Jordan looked down to see what the deal was to find oil all over his legs and the bike. Jordan dodged a bullet because the back tire was saturated with oil. After getting back to the trailer, Jordan diagnosed the problem and decided not to chance it and switch back to the VStar. Luckily the 0.003 reaction time during the first time trial was enough to give Jordan the bye run first round.  Jordan rode good earning a runner up that day, but decided that it was time to focus on getting the CBR ready as over a month of racing had already been completed.  With the help of Matt, all the wiring was done on the CBR and the Shinko was mounted by Z&M Cycles in Greensburg. It was time to take the bike to the track to see what she would run. Jordan decided to take it out on a Thursday to take advantage of the open test runs. Off the trailer the bike went 11.04 on the first pass foot shifting as the air shifter was yet to be installed. The night ended with more passes all in the 11.0 range. Jordan was happy but new the bike was capable of more. To get a little more out of the bike it then went to GMS Racing Engines in Uniontown, PA to get some time on the Dyno.  With the tuning expertise of John Gover the CBR went from 94 hp to 106 hp at the wheel.   Also while at GMS the bike got the air shifter mounts and bottle mount fabbed and installed. Jordan left straight from GMS to head to Pittsburgh Raceway Park for the points series. Right off the trailer the unlocked power and air shifter proved to be helpful as the CBR went 10.84. With some changes to the launch rpm (10000 to 11000)  the CBR continued to improve posting a best of 10.78. Throughout the rest of the season Jordan dealt with the pains of learning the new bike, and while besting his time each outing finished off the year with a best time of 10.68 and a final standing of #4 in the points. (A big Congratulations to Matt Powell on the 2010 Points Championship in Bike class in his first year racing!) Jordan was happy but also a little disappointed because he was getting a good feel for the bike and finished with 2 runner ups and a semi final appearance in the final 3 weeks. Jordan came back to Pittsburgh after MiROCK for the Pittsburgh Raceway Park King of Street race. The race was for Street Legal cars and bikes only. Jordan made it past first round before a rock hit the radiator on the CBR before second round. The leak from the radiator was unnoticed and Jordan proceeded through the burnout and staging. Upon launching the rear tire went through the antifreeze and spun bad. Jordan said he though he just spun and after correcting 3 times made his way down the track but could not make up the lost time. The leak was noticed and ending the season on a

MiROCK Fast by Gast Superbike Finals at MIR Oct. 2-3 at MIR
Since racing was over at Pittsburgh for the points series but their desire to make the most of the 2010 racing season, Matt, Jordan and Matt Powell decided to make the trip to MIR for the MiROCK Fast by Gast Superbike Finals held on Oct. 2 -3. Jordan with the support of Dave Norris of D&D Auto Salvage acquired a 24 foot box trailer to make the haul a little easier. Jordan also decided at the last minute to tear into the GPz and get it ready to run in the Pro ET class. After the GPz was ready, Matt Powell and Jordan loaded up the trailer and headed down a day early to participate in the Friday night MIR test session and watch the Pro's track rental. They new that MIR would be a little quicker being close to sea level, but they were not expecting such a change. Friday night right off the trailer, Jordan ran a personal best of 10.30 @ 132 mph (previous best of 10.68 @ 128), Matt Powell ran a personal best of 10.70 @ 140 mph (previously 10.90 @ 136). Jordan also ran the GPz in testing and after wrenching on it due to more issues he forgot to put air in the rear tire after it sat for so long providing a wild ride. Friday concluded and Saturday was time for the first day of elimination racing. The day started off great with Matt also getting to run a personal best in his first day at MIR. After time trials concluded it was time to get down to business. Matt Powell was out first and was not able to get the win. He had struggled all weekend finding the tree and finally got close but was 0.001 red. Matt was out next and was unable to get the win as well in a close race on both ends of the track. Jordan watched as both had gone out and was up next only to face Richard Gadson. Jordan didn't let the opponent get to him but rose to the occasion laying down a stellar pass going 0.005 on the tree and cutting the top end to a MOV of 0.02. He was pumped when he got the time slip. The good feelings carried over most of the night as Jordan went round after round in Street ET making it down to 9 bikes before being eliminated on a driver error at top end. Jordan's fortune didn't fare as well in the Pro ET class as he was paired up with a 7.80s bike in first round. Jordan was dialed 12.53 and once out ahead could not locate the black Top Gas bike and gave the stripe back by 0.01. The night concluded with us watching as John Gover attempted to qualify in the Pro Street field. He was unsuccessful but still made a good showing posing a career best 8.01 @ 180 mph twice. Grudge racing took place late Saturday night and the team was introduced to the Chachi/BNL Racing Team running Pro Street/Real Street and Grudge. They are a great group of guys and treated us like family. Sunday arrived and the forecast didn't look to great but after much track Prep we were ready to go. This time it was Matt and Matt Powell getting through First Round and Jordan went red giving away the chance to continue in Street ET. Jordan suited up for the Pro ET class and again was not able to get a win, giving the race away running under. While both Matt and Powell were in the lanes for round 2 of Street ET the rain moved in and cancelled the remainder of the event. It was time to load up for the long and wet ride home. The team had a great experience at MIR and will be sure to make the trip again.

Special Thanks
For the 2010 Season, Jordan would like to thank GMS Racing Engines in Uniontown PA, Z&M Cycles in Greensburg PA, M&M Leather Goods in Greensburg PA, Brock's Performance, Soupy's Performance, JW Kustomz, Dave Norris,  Markie Brewer,
Matt Wybiral, Mike Egan, Matt Powell, Nick Bowman, Joey Devola, and his Wife Jennifer and Son Ryder for their support!  Matt would like to thank Norm's Cycle Salvage in homestead PA, JW Kustomz, his Father in Law Marty, and his Wife Tabitha and 2 Sons Thomas and Connor for their continued support!

**NEW** 2010 Racing Season Photos

                                       GPz and CBR



                                       CBR Mid Build

                                CBR Finished (Minus Body)

                                        CBR Finished

                            Loaded for First Track Time

                                    Ready for First Pass

            Jordan waiting for First Shakedown Pass with CBR

                                        First Burnout

                    Air Shifter Mount (GMS Racing Engines)

              John Gover tuning at GMS Racing Engines

                                    Jordan Launching

                                   Jordan Down-Track

                              Matt's Bandit w/ New Pipe

                             Bandit with New Swingarm

         Matt at MIR for MiROCK Fast by Gast Superbike Finals

  Jordan on GPz at MIR for MiROCK Fast by Gast Superbike Finals

    Matt Powell at MIR for MiROCK Fast by Gast Superbike Finals

                                 Jordan racing the VStar

           Matt Powell and Jordan Haase at 2010 PRP Racers Banquet
                      Matt Powell ( Champion), Jordan Haase (#4)

Older News...

Racing Updates
Check out Matt and Jordan's Racing updates with the links above. Click on each update for info and pictures!

New Racer on the Way
Tabitha and Matt welcomed Connor Matthew Wybiral into the world Thursday, March 4th at 10:54am. Congratulations on the new addition!

Connor Matthew Wybiral (3/4/2010)

Awards Banquet 2009
The 2009 Pittsburgh Raceway Park Awards Banquet will be on Saturday, February 27th. We will be heading there to support Matt and his 3rd Place finish this year! We will also be there to support a bunch of friends that all had great seasons. The night will also be special for many of us as we take the night to remember Mark aka Big Brewer. Over the past few months, we have all had a hard time dealing with the tragic loss, but like he would want us to we will keep on moving and make him proud. This year for me will be a year for him and my father. Time to make a statement! FOREVER 53!

Congrats to Matt on his 3rd Place finish!

Also congrats to Marty on a 4th Place finish.

Pittsburgh Raceway Park Bike Class Top 3
Sean Mazurek (2), Jesse Bone (1), Matt Wybiral (3)

Thanks to Jason Weaver of JW Kuztoms for making the Forever 53 sticker for the GPz!

3rd Annual Steel City Practice Tree Race
Saturday February 20th at the New Alexandria Fire Hall
Click here for more information

Some Results:
Jordan got down to 4 along with Markie, Jason Weaver and Randy Biddle Jr in the 16 'Thumb' Shootout that gave an entry to the
Bottom Bulb Extravaganza at Quaker City Raceway on August 20-22nd. Congrats to RB2 on the W.

2010 World of Wheels
Jordan will be at the 2010 World of Wheels car show at the David Lawrence Convention Center January 22-24th with the GPz. Stop by the Pittsburgh Raceway Park booth.

The car show was great, and the GPz looked great! I won Best in Class! I even made it on the PRP banner! Can't wait for racing season to start!


Please keep our close friends, the Brewer Family, in your prayers
during this difficult time. Mark Brewer Sr went home to be with the Lord on November 27, 2009 after complications following his surgery. He will be greatly missed by many and forgotten by none. FOREVER 53!


You can also visit the Pittsburgh Raceway Park thread on's Bracket Talk forum:

Mark E. Brewer

Mark E. Brewer, 49, of Greensburg, passed away Friday, Nov. 27, 2009, in UPMC Shadyside, with his family and best friend by his side, as a special little angel came and took him to heaven. Born April 29, 1960, in Greensburg, he was a son of the late Robert E. Sr. and Catherine Cecelia (Menchio) Brewer. In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by a brother, Robert E. Brewer Jr. Mark is survived by his best buddy and loving wife of 24 years, Christine (Yusko) Brewer; four sons, Jerry Moyer, of Madison, Joey Devola and Sonya DeRienzo, of Ruffsdale, Luke Brewer, of Greensburg, and Markie Brewer, at home; a brother, Joseph Brewer and wife, Christine, of Shelocta; a sister-in-law, Suzanne Brewer, of Ligonier; best friend, Dave Dominick, of Pittsburgh; and several nieces and nephews. Mark was the heart and soul for 22 years of "THE MOTORWORKS" in Greensburg. His passion was building and listening to his motors tell a story and drag racing at Keystone Raceway, now re-named Pittsburgh Raceway Park. Mark enjoyed helping his fellow racers, who remain his extended family forever. Mark was called to heaven to build God a small block Ford race motor and to help a certain little angel, Nikki, with her pink junior dragster. Family and friends will be received from 1 to 4 and 6 to 9 p.m. Tuesday and Wednesday in the JAY A. HOFFER FUNERAL HOME, Norvelt. His funeral service will be held at 11 a.m. Thursday in the funeral home with the Rev. John Nosal officiating. Interment to follow in Greensburg Catholic Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made in Mark's memory to Family House Shadyside, 5245 Center Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15232, or

Congrats to Matt! Matt took home his first race win at the Vicious Cycle Bike Bash - Henry Williams Memorial Race at Pittsburgh Raceway Park! He won the street bike class and then beat friend and competitor Roy Safreed for the bonus money!
Congrats to Roy for winning the Dragbike Class!

Also congrats to Matt on a 3rd place finish in the points at Pittsburgh Raceway Park this year!

Points Finish:











New Racer has Arrived...
Jen and Jordan welcomed Ryder Jordan Haase into the world on July 10th 2009! He was healthy and very alert... Ready to get out on the track. The new addition will change Jordan's plans to run all the points events but he will continue to race as much as possible! The main goal now is to get Matt into the top 3! Congrats to Jen and Jordan!
Ryder Jordan Haase - July 10, 2009